Testing With PCR


Testing with PCR

PCR Labs will provide a comprehensive array of ISO-17025 accredited testing services to organizations legally operating in the cannabis and pharmaceuticals space. Our testing helps providers meet regulatory compliance requirements and gives patients and recreational users the confidence that the products they’ll be consuming are safe and have the cannabinoids they are seeking.

The analytical scientists at PCR Labs are fully trained to efficiently provide reliable and accurate data with a critical eye to safety and consistency.

If you are interested in having a cannabis product tested at PCR Labs, check out the tests we offer below and contact us for details about submitting samples. Because Pennsylvania is not a home grow state at this time, we cannot provide testing services to non-commercial or unlicensed clients. Additionally, the only THC products we are legally permitted to test are flower, tinctures, topicals, and capsules (i.e. no edibles.)

Here is the scope of the testing services we will offer and the sample amounts needed for each test:

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